Based on the latest computer and PLC technology available, Maxi Mill® integrates "off-the-shelf" components into a reliable, productive, and easy to use control system. At the heart of Maxi Mill® control systems are two Windows® based Computers communicating with one or more Programmable Controllers.

The first computer features the MaxiOptimizer™ program. The MaxiOptimizer™ acquires log shape information from the Maxi Mill® scanning system via a high speed network connection. The MaxiOptimizer™ combines the scan information with grade and processing directions from the operator. This information is processed along with previously entered information on target sizes, wane allowances, lumber values, and processing equipment saw kerfs. The MaxiOptimizer™ then develops a comprehensive sawing solution including board edging, log positioning, and lumber routing decisions that returns the highest dollar return. The MaxiOptimizer™ is designed to run online providing high speed optimal sawing solutions.
The second computer is used as a graphical interface into the Allen-Bradley® PLC control sub-system. The MaxiHMI™ (Human Machine Interface) is a full color, full motion, model of the system components in operation. The carriage, chargers, bandmills, hydraulic power unit, power supplies, and other operating elements are illustrated and color coded to indicate which components are running, idle, or in fault condition.
The MaxiHMI™ program displays the velocity, command, and actual positions for each system component. A trending function produces real time graphs of the command output and resulting positional feedback. On screen help menus describe important operational and trouble shooting functions of the system. For continual monitoring of selected inputs and outputs MaxiHMI™ systems feature MaxiMonitor™. When a monitored value goes beyond allowed boundries MaxiTrap™ technology provides a visual (or optional audio) alarm. MaxiHMI™ provides the tools to maximize productive capacity by eliminating downtime.

The Maxi Mill computer systems communicate via a high speed ethernet network connection to the Allen-Bradley® Programmable Logic Controller. The PLC performs the precision sequencing required by the Maxi Mill Control system. All inputs and outputs are through standard Allen-Bradley® modules.

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