Maxi Mill Software Products™
Designed for use in the toughest environments. Implemented for the most demanding applications. Constructed for the individual customer. Time proven and continually improved. Designed to run on standard personal computers using Microsoft Windows NT®, Windows 2000®, Windows XP®, Windows 7®, and Windows 10®operating systems.

MaxiOptimizer™ - Real time dollar optimization for sawmill primary log processing systems. Designed specifically to work with the Maxi Mill Sawing System. Inputs include log diameter and length scan information, lumber description including lumber prices, target size, wane allowance, and scaling practice. Output developed is the optimal sawing, log positioning, and lumber routing solution. Each program is constructed to meet the customer's specific requirements and features extensive reporting capabilities in several print and file formats.

MaxiView™ - Real Time dollar optimization for simulating sawmill primary log processing systems. Implements the capabilities of the MaxiOptimizer program in an office computer. Simulate processing one log or thousands. Demonstrate the effect of changing lumber prices, saw kerfs, or downstream equipment in real time. Easy to use with drop down menus and intuitive structure.

MaxiHMI™ - Human Machine Interface based on the Rockwell Software's RSView32®, FactoryTalk View SE® or FactoryTalk View ME®. Provides a detailed graphical representation of customers equipment. Includes user friendly menus, data input and monitoring, and extensive alarm and trouble shooting information. Features MaxiMonitor™ for continuous input monitoring. Equipped with MaxiTrap™ technology to identify and isolate transient problems. Each MaxiHMI is specifically designed for the individual customer.

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