Maxi Mill Planer Drives
High speed hydraulic planer drives designed for your specific application.

Maxi Mill Planer Drive Features:

  • PLC based control system to coordinate the planer feed speed regardless of roll diameters.
  • Roll speed display via digital LED speed read-outs.
  • Full synchronized motion control of all rolls.
  • Self monitoring and diagnostic capabilities.
  • Status of filter elements, fluid temperature, and fluid level are all monitored.
  • Eliminates drive chains or gears by replacement with individual single point drives.
  • Electric drive controls are also available.

Maxi Mill Planer Drive Benefits:

  • Decrease Down Time.
  • Reduce Operating Costs.
  • Upgrade Existing Drives.
  • Increase Production.
  • High Feed Speeds.
  • Variable Feed Speeds.
  • Easy Operation.
  • Flexible.

View of Planer Controls

View of Planer Drive Hydraulic Unit

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