A Tradition of Excellence

In 2005 Maxi Mill, Inc. and W B Company merged to form a single entity under the Maxi Mill name. Ownership and Personnel remain the same. In the future Maxi Mill, Inc. will continue our established history of excellent customer service, innovative sawmill designs, and industry leading machinery control systems.


W B Company, formerly Warren and Brewster Company, served the sawmill industry for over 40 years as consultants and design engineers. Company founder, Lyle Warren, and his partner Robert Brewster, pioneered improvements in sawing technology by leading the industry in the study of the effects of log positioning on lumber recovery. This research lead to the discovery that correct positioning of the log prior to the sawing process resulted in dramatic increases in lumber recovery.

The Maxi Mill System

To achieve the maximum lumber yield possible from each log a new carriage and control system was designed. The new carriage was required to firmly clamp the properly positioned log, then carry the log accurately and smoothly through the sawing process while maintaining log position. The control system was required to automate the operation removing the inconsistency of manual systems. The results of these efforts was the Maxi Mill® overhead end-dogging carriage coupled with a fully automated process control system. The design proved so successful that Maxi Mill, Inc. was established in 1974 as a wholly owned subsidiary of W B Company. In 2005 the two companies were merged under the Maxi Mill banner

The Pioneering Spirit

Today, the pioneering spirit that launched the Maxi Mill® continues to drive our company. Continuing improvements to the Maxi Mill® system, adoption of the latest computer and PLC based sawmill machinery controls, and development of innovative sawmill designs keep Maxi Mill at the forefront of technological change. Future challenges keep Maxi Mill consistently striving to improve sawmill performance through time proven design techniques combined with modern technology.

The People

Maxi Mill, Inc. has a staff of highly qualified mechanical and electrical engineers, associate engineers, and computer specialists that represent years of sawmill design and construction experience. All personnel at Maxi Mill, Inc. have practical experience in sawmill design and systems installation as well as proficiency in the latest advances in Computer Aided Design computer software. Sawmills designed by Maxi Mill, Inc. are well conceived, straight forward designs, renown for high efficiency, long term value, and durability.

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MAXI MILL® is a registered trademark of Maxi Mill, Inc., Albany, Oregon USA