Maxi Mill® overhead carriages clamp logs from the ends, after they have been scanned and positioned. The nearly unlimited positional flexibility of end dogging allows the Maxi Mill® system to be integrated with many different types of log scanners.

The scanning system most often utilized with the Maxi Mill® system is through-beam. Logs are laterally transported through multiple "curtains" of Banner™ SM30 series through-beam photoelectric pairs. As each infrared light beam is interrupted by the log, the Maxi Mill® control system reads positional data from the Temposonics™ transducers in the log charging yokes. This produces a dual axis outline of the log. Through-beam scanning is inexpensive, reliable and time tested.

Another Scanning system utilized on Maxi Mill® systems is the SICK™ DME2000 non-contact distance sensors. This installation is similar to the through-beam scanning but these sensors work well in Maxi Mill® installations where space is limited. The SICK™ sensors are rugged and offer a visible red light for easy alignment.
Perceptron LASAR™ scanning offers an exciting new technology for Maxi Mill® systems. The LASAR™ camera achieves three dimensional scanning by utilizing Lasar Radar technology. These systems offer high resolution scan data on a stationary log. With LASAR™ scanning a Maxi Mill® system can offer precise rotational optimization and positioning.

Dynavision™ scanning systems are also easily incorporated in Maxi Mill® systems. This scanning system incorporates two rows of 180 degree opposed scanner bars to gain complete three dimensional cross sections down the length of the log. Dynavision™ offers time tested three dimensional technology at an affordable price.

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